U_ PAASSS (Parent AS Allies for Student and School Success Project Description)

Mary Magdalene Ministries is a grassroots

social justice and education advocacy

Mary Magdalene Ministries is a grassroots social justice and education advocacy organization with a goal to help parents better navigate the educational process achieving better academic outcomes for their children. Love in Action is a faith based non-profit organization with a goal to unite community in Love and Service to create a change in mindset and is an entity of Greater Love Church. Both organizations are located at 2421 Timber Drive in Raleigh NC. The goal of the organizations are to make Restorative Practices the essential key in addressing unhealthy behaviors in youth, adults and service providers in WCPSS and community.. We seek to move the culture of punishment to a culture of Restorative Discipline, to strengthen families by using circles to address relationships and mediate conflict, to teach character and strengthen family values and morals and change negative outcomes for our children. The organizations are seeking a letter of support from Wake County Public Schools in soliciting grant funds of $25, 000 from Life Comes From It.

The organization’s initiative is called U-PAASSS, (Parents As Allies for Student and School Success). We seek to create a community based site that is safe for parents, students, school staff, administrators and other stake holders to gather for dialogue and relationship building through circles. This funding will pay rent and other operational costs necessary for community convening. It will support the cost of food for four hour Circle Keeping trainings and Community Building Circles.This space will host trainings, workshops and training to help parents learn to navigate the educational process and foster helping relationships with their schools. It will be used for school and community dialogue, and teaching workshops, strategic planning, through circles, mediation, conflict resolution and the creation of alternative approaches to suspensions, expulsions, and address issues of bullying. It provides opportunities for our school district and community to build trust and build positive relationships, undo harm where there has been education induced trauma to parents, or parent induced trauma to educators. It
provides advocates and community leaders of color the opportunity to address issues of equity and justice and develop solutions are rooted in their own community. The funding would also sustain the work over the next two years giving us the time to build stronger organizational capacity to continue the work. The trainings are presently being done by Marrius Pettiford, Senior Director , Counseling at WCPSS and Jon Powell, Campbell Law School, Restorative Justice Center.

Circle Keepers Handbook 2015